Yuri Cherstvennikov, in his home in Solntsevo Moscow.

Yuri Cherstvennikov (Born 1987, Jagodina, Serbia) A former Spetsnaz Alfa martial arts instructor and truck mechanic, being born to a drunkard father Yuri suffered child abuse at a young age and spread throughout his adolescence. After Yuri's fathers death at the age of 17 Yuri enlisted into the Serbian Military forces, working his way up to the rank of Lt. Field Officer. Afterso Yuri moved to Russia with his mother to take care of his fathers dying family, which resulted in Yuri transferring into the Moscow local military forces. Yuri lived in poverty with his mother in the Solntsevo neighbourhood. Many years of working hard and training hard in the military to earn money for bread for his family Yuri got promoted into special forces, AKA Alfa group - a famous counter-terrorist group. Yuri's martial instructor and squadron leader Grigenkov was just as abusive as Yuri's father, Grigenkov usually tested the squadrons strength by doing survival tests which usually resulted in death for the weak. One day Grigenkov and Yuri had to fight to test Yuri's strength as a soldier in order to be promoted in Grigenkovs squadron, which resulted in Grigenkov dying from a punch to the adams apple suffocating to death. Yuri was discharged but no criminal offence was given to him due to the uncovering of the physical and mental abuse as well as many intentional deaths caused by Grigenkov. As a result, Yuri thought it was time to move from Russia due to bad reputation.


Yuri (left) talking to a military checkpoint officer, Vsevolod Novoseltsev (right) on his way out of Russia

Moving over to Los Santos Yuri has begun to gain ties with the local Brigada, working as a small hand criminal doing petty jobs like chopping vehicles and beating up people as well as small alley-way robberies. Yuri has never disrespected a woman, also Yuri is somewhat suspected to be a cannibal because during the survival nights in the Alfa group Squadron 7 many young soldiers bodies were noticed to have bite marks due to lack of food many suspect Yuri canniblized the bodies in order to survive in the harsh forest of Mosvka as well as the cold frost bite of old man Russia.

One of the many found bodies, leg cannibalized.

Yuri is known to be very strong and able to endure pain to the max, his military insticts kick in when in combat, such as sharp and quick reactions and immensve force as well as his militaristic tactics. Yuri is able to speak fluently in Russian, and Serbian. Now residing in Little Moscow Yuri is learning English at a fast pace and is showing afflitions with the local Brigada.






A video found on youtube, related to Yuri Cherstvennikov



Yuri taking a tourist group in his van to Chernobyl on his way to Serbia..