Organizational information

Antoine Arrington

Also known as

The Ferguson Drug Organization

Led by

DeMarcus Ferguson


Drug trafficking organization




Arms trafficking
Drug trafficking
Murder for hire
Money laundering

Chronological and political information


The Pizza Stacks Crew(formerly)
The Willowfield Heights Crew(formerly)
The Ferguson Avenue Crew

The Arrington Organization now dubbed The Ferguson Drug Organization is an organized drug trafficking organization ceased in power since mid 2012. The organization had ties in the drug trade in notable locations such as Idlewood, Seville, Willowfield and Ganton after liquidating several other drug competitors.

It was led by Antoine Arrington prior to his death planned by other Arrington enforcers in order to grasp the throne. Cleavant King and Lloyd Ashton crowned themselves leaders, and were thought to be responsible for Arrington's death.

King and Ashton both left the scene as kingpins and thus abandoned the organization as awhole, Ashton due to death, and King due to unknown reasons. DeMarcus Ferguson stepped up and began reigning the organization after key lieutenants were convicted on husky drug trafficking charges.

Wyclef Townsend is known to be leading the current prison crew, having been reinforced by the heavy influx of Arrington convicts. Ferguson is currently developing a new drug empire in his own name, stationed in Idlewood, Los Santos.

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