Terrance Jenkins
Terrance Jenkins
Biographical information





April 5th, 1995

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Skin color

Light Brown

Familial and political information
Known family

Lloyd Jenkins - Brother

Cleavant Jenkins - Father

Brenda Jenkins - Mother



Miscellaneous information

Narcotics Dealer

..::The hood mentality::..

Terrance "Kings" Jenkins also known as "Kings" is a black male that lives in "Idlewood", a district well known for it's criminal activity located in Los Santos (California). He is known for his cocaine addiction and also for his temper. Also he is a part of the set that runs the district, a large gang that took over Las Colinas and they're recognized for their violent behaviour. Terrance is a part of this group since he was thirteen years old, and his drug selling activity from that age pushed him into the cocaine addiction. At the age of fiveteen he got thrown out from the school because he was caught with narcotics in his backpack. At a few days after this, he and his brother planned to rob a 24/7 at the Docks, luckily for them, they're operation went well and they managed to get a few grand. But they didn't stopped here, they continued selling all king of drugs on the corners and they robbed people till they managed to get enough money to buy a small house in "Idlewood". But their constant problem was Terrance's drug addiction, a lot of fights started between him and his brother because Terrance used they're savings to buy cocaine. But the worst was even to come, their father, Cleavant Jenkins died at the age of 47 becase of cancer letting Terrance and Lloyd alone in the "urban jungle" with a hard pain in they're heart.

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