Organizational information

Bartholemew Wilkes

Led by

Wesley Finn (missing)
Viktor Zielkov

Notable members

Jakob Parker
Roy Snyder
Clark Campbell
Carl Handral
Amanda Daniels


Motorcycle Club


Bayside (previously)
Blueberry (previously)
Idlewood-Willowfield (currently)


Drugs and arms dealing
Drug manufacturing
Car theft/chopping


"The Drunken Spartan"

Chronological and political information


June~July of 2013


Boulevard Rifa-13

Spartans Motorcycle Club was established in Oregon on the west coast of the United States just following the end of Vietnam. Lacking the sense of brotherhood they'd once felt fighting amongst their brothers in arms overseas, many soldiers joined various pre-existing MC's, The Outlaws, The Hells Angels, The Bandidos, and so on, whilst some others created new clubs. Many failed in this task. What started out as innocent motorcycle racing and drunken bar fights soon erupted into drug smuggling, burglaries, murders, and motorcycle hijackings through Portland, Oregon and neighboring cities. Fueling the trouble started by The Spartans was Bartholemew Wilkes, the original President of the original Oregon chapter of the club. Over the course of several years, ambassadors for The Spartans traveled to new cities to expand their drug and weapons running operations, engulfing the American West Coast in areas such as Wisconsin, Washington, California, and most recently, San Andreas. Most Spartan chapters are known to accept Latino/Hispanic members. (Due to their previous Mexican connections before entering San Fierro.) Afro-Americans, Asians, etc. are usually overlooked.

The club has reached from Portland all the way across the United States to New York, and as far as Ireland and Germany in Europe, as well as a small chapter in Australia. There are also mainly latino chapters bordering Mexico, fueling the club's drug and weapon lines.

On May 11th, 2013, The San Andreas Chapter President, Wesley Finn, was shot, sparking paranoia and conspiracy theories throughout the club. The club has remained relatively untouched from the tragedy as Wesley walked away from the attack with his life, but the club is still feeling the whiplash from the attack and has since added to its numbers and become ever more hostile to outsiders.