San Fierro Police Department
Business information

Law Enforcement Agency


Malachi Fallon

Current Owner(s)

Daniel Roberts 2013-present


Law Enforcement

Chronological and political information


San Fierro Metropolitan Police Department, also known as the SFPD and San Fierro Department of Police, is the police department of the City and County of San Fierro, San Andreas.

The department's motto is the same as that of the city and county: "Oro en paz, fierro en guerra," archaic Spanish for: "Gold in peace, iron in war."

The SFPD (along with the San Fierro Emergency Services) serves an estimated population of 1.2 million citizens, including the daytime-commuter population, and the thousands of other tourists and visitors, in the second most densely populated large city in North America. It is the 11th largest police department in the United States.

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