Biographical information

Nash, Kid




17th September, 1996

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Familial and political information
Known family

Tyrone Decker
Camilla Decker


Bishop & Associates.

Miscellaneous information

Neshon Decker best known as Nash, is a 17 year old African-American born resident who's right now accompanying his days in the San Fierro poverty neighborhood - Ocean Flats square. At present time, he is the newest member of Bishop & Associates. Decker is earning his respect among other gang members.

Early LifeEdit

Neshon Decker -  is an African-American gangbanger. As most of his current peers, Neshon was born in the crime and poverty ridden projects. Back in kid days, his parents were divorced and his mother was forced to take care of Neshon by herself due to Neshon's father neglecting to pay for his child support. His mother had to downgrade their home to a small apartment. Time went, and Neshon grew, he started to hang out with a street-gang and was heavily involved with street crime and gang related activity such as graffiti, mugging and taking drugs. Due to Neshon causing difficulties, at the same time having an involvement into blackguardism actions and street-gang organizations his mother decided to take him away to Los Santos to assert her boy's life from chamber and maleficence.

The ReturnEdit

The scene visibly blurs out at the Ocean Flat's district. - "Home..", Neshon said before releasing a deep, painful sigh. He readjusted his cap in a slight, apprehensive manner and went forwards, "Now, or never" he mumbled to himself while approaching the individuals who seemingly were having a conversation in between, apparently not even paying any single attention to Neshon as he approached. "Ey!" he said. The two turned around and faced him, "Who's this nigga?" they said. "Ayo, it's me - Nash, tha' kid, from the hood! ya feel me?" - Nash?, one of them exclaimed and jumped forwards in order to meet Neshon. "Ey, sup, Nash, homie, where ya' been!" - it was Reginald Murdock. "Ey, Nash, meet CJ, this is mah' nigga." - "Wsup, CJ." - "Sup."

New lifeEdit

It's morning, new day, new life. Neshon got up and went outside for a smoke, he dug within his pockets and retrieved a torn and poor pack of some Marlboro cigarette's. Suddenly a white and smooth BMW stopped across the street, and a guy got out from it. He seemed to be having a well established life, yeah, I could tell by his outfits, personality and the way he represents his speech. He approached Neshon and asked: Who's you? I have never seen you around here, kid. - And so they had their conversation and the man who was named - Tyreke Richardson aka Tray offered him to do some corners. Prince will find you, he said.

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