Mikhail Vladimirovich Oborin
Biographical information





18th or February, 1979
Velikiye Luki, Pskov Oblast, Russian SFSR

Physical description



192 cm

Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Familial and political information
Known family

Konstantin "Magnat" Oborin (brother)


Russian Army (Formerly)
Little Moscow Brigade (Formerly)

Miscellaneous information

Material Arts Instructor
Contract Killer

Mikhail "Misha" Oborin is Russian material arts instructor, bodybuilder and former gangster, who was connected with infamous Little Moscow Brigade.

Life Before MigrationEdit

There's a little known about Mikhail's life before his arrival to United States. It is known Mikhail served in army and started practise material arts shortly after he served. Also there a rumors that Oborin also participated in Russia - Georgia war back in 2008, yet it isn't proven.

Little Moscow's BrigadeEdit

Officialy, Mikhail Oborin moved to United States in 5th of May, 2013 by invitation of his twin brother Konstantin Oborin. It is rumored, Konstantin, along with his other comrades, took over Little Moscow from infamous late Ukrainian gangster Timur Aksakov nicknamed Chechen. Mikhail quickly started being recognized by locals in Little Moscow and probably became one of most important persona in Little Moscow Brigade. According to rumors, Mikhail became "Torpedo" aka hitman for the mob, who was also responsible for protection racket. It is suspected Mikhail being involved into 7 murders, yet it wasn't proven and no arrests were made.

Downfall of BrigadeEdit

After the numerous murders of brigade members like Nikita Pulimutishenko also known as Kosmos and others, the brigade started to fall apart. The remaining members of Brigade became hostile to each other. The culmination became when one of the low - ranked members of brigade nicknamed "Serb" killed suspected leader Vladimir "Priannik" Naumov. The brigade fell apart and remaining members of old brigade left Little Moscow including Mikhail and his brother Konstantin.

After the DownfallEdit

It is known that Mikhail didn't left Los Santos and after the brigade was disbanded and there were no suspicion him being involved into criminal activities. Mikhail started to teach people material arts in various sport clubs around Los Santos and stayed low.