Lloyd Harris
Biographical information





16th of March, 1994

Physical description



176 cm

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Josephine Hayes (Mother)
Wade Harris (Brother)


The Ganton Raskals

Miscellaneous information

OG (Underboss)
Drug Dealer

Owned vehicles

BMX GT Performer

Lloyd Harris is a local 18 years old teenager, currently settled in Idlewood, in a cheap apartment, currently living a single life.

Lloyd was born by Josephine Hayes and Carl Harris, in Los Santos. His family was settled in Willowfield for ages. His father was addicted to alcohol and drugs, and was known because of that, until one morning, when he was found dead in one of the sewers in Idlewood. The family was whole upsed. His mother was leading a small berber shop, but every day was a less of work, she could hardly get food and pay the bills. Days has passed, Josephine was way more angry on Tyrone, because her neighbours has reported him from day, to day, because he has skipped school, being known more and more on the streets. Last her turn was kicking him out of her apartment when she has found two rolls of marijuana in his bed.

Soon, after a few weeks, while Lloyd was just walking in the street, he has heard some weird voice behind him. It was Tyrone Westbrook, simple street thug, previous Baskatball Star and known Drug Dealer, now without anything, walking in the street. After, deeper discussion, both guys have decided to move into a new home - Grove Street.

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