Little Moscow Brigade
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Timur Aksakov

Also known as

Kolpinskaya Brigada


Russian Mob


East Los Santos
Los Flores


Contract Killing
Auto Theft

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April 2013

The Little Moscow Brigade is a known Russian speaking criminal organization based in the area of East Los Santos, Los Santos. During the formation of the group majority of it's members were supposedly residents of the Kolpino district in Saint Petersburg, that's why the group is often referred as the Brigade from Kolpino.


During the 90's many crime groups were based in the area of Little Moscow enclave, it was rumored that there were even up to twenty such groups that were in constant conflict for turf area. Up to the 2010's most of the groups went extinct, moved to other areas or were brought down by the authorities.

As of 2013 situation has went to the position that the whole Little Moscow enclave is controlled as a neighborhood by one group and one leader, very familiar to many Irish-American crime groups which run their neighborhoods. The last known leader of the brigade was Timur Aksakov.

Aksakov's ReignEdit

The reign of Timur Aksakov is known to be completed formed from small time street gang to powerful mob. The Brigade opened betting shop called "Little Odessa", which was closed just after his death and widely expanded their criminal activties. In those times there were feud between Brigade and skinheads where members like Gennadiy Ponomaryov were killed. Also it was rumored that Aksakov had connections in SAN, City hall, although it wasn't proven. It is said that Timur's goal was to make Brigade like American Mafia and put even more strict organization but it wasn't realized cause of early death of Aksakov.

Known Criminals In Little MoscowEdit

Historical LeadershipEdit

Timur 'Chechen' Aksakov - Murdered by two other criminals residing in the area of Little Moscow over a dispute about a stolen vehicle.

Current Known MembersEdit




Gennadiy Ponomaryov - Associate of Aksakov, murdered in a shootout by a skinhead gang after he apparently robbed and threw the gang out of a local bar in East Los Santos.
Stanislav Gusarov - Small time criminal associated with local other criminals, killed in a shootout by Los Santos Police Department
Yuri Cherstvennikov - Also known as "Yurik" "The mechanic" a associate of the Little Moscow Brigade enclaves, known criminal who resided in Little Moscow area. Killed in a shootout with LSPD after his state wide search.
Evgeniy Cherstvennikov - Cousin of Yuri; affliated with the Brigades. Pronounced dead on the scene in a shoot out in Pig pen.
Nikita Pumiliteshenko - Dead on scene, pig pen shootout.


Leonid Gvozdev - Best friend of Ponomaryov, went missing right after his death.