Isiah Harrison
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14th of May of 1998


12th of July of 2013

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Eye color

Dark brown

Skin color

Ivory coloured black

Familial and political information
Known family

Monica Harrison(Mother)
Bob Harrison(Father)


Mercy Avenue Crips

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Isiah "Iz" Harrison is a Idlewood-native teenage gangbanger affiliated with the Mercy Avenue Crips

Mos Def - Mathematics

Mos Def - Mathematics

Early LifeEdit

Isiah was born to troubled young-adult couple in 1996 after an unplanned pregnancy that putted severe strain on the relationship, with both Monica and Bobby not being able to cope with the sudden responsability that it was to deal with a newborn son that demanded so much of their time.

Despite the inicial hardships, Laquina managed to properly take care of young Isiah due to the feeling of moral responsability for the child and with little to no cooperation from Bobby that eventualy left both in 1999 after requesting a divorce and moving into San Diego, and left a hollow father figure and a great deal of grief for the infant.

Life as a blue flag bearing hopperEdit

Despite being influenced by his mother into valuing education, Isiah proved from an early age to be ambitious and strong-willed with arguments being frequent in their tiny room at the Atlantic Avenue Projects, with Isiah ideolizing the hip-hop and gangbanging culture and the cult of the dollar sign over the prospect of a good career and family, which was only heightened by the current father figures that Iz saw in some of the older bangers.

Isiah got involved with some hoppers affiliated with the Mercy Street Crips after a long period of fascination about it and after being inducted by a local neighborhood friend, Xavier, who introduced him to the gang life and became one of his few friends capable to handle Isiah's volatile and toxic attitude due to his general lightheartedness and tolerance, being taken under the wing of Tyrone Westbrook which saw in Isiah a possible apperantice figure.

Isiah fell victim to his own spiral of violence and death, having been drive-byed on the Idlewood street corner by Rifa 13 street gang members out of a beef involving a lack of payment over drug turf and pronounced dead on the scene.


Isiah bares a strong grudge against adults and any type of parental figure due to having been abandoned by his father at an early age and out of the tense relationship that he shares with his mother, being described as a stubborn, close-minded and plutomaniac youngster.

He's described also as an overly-ambitious with a tendency to inflate his actions and to consider himself above the others, often bragging about something that'd get him more status on his mind, with his own deep relationship of friendship being Xavier.

Isiah is also a big fan of japanese sports motorcycles and of the high octane culture of the illegal drag races and used to consider a career as a mechanic before getting inflatuated with the banging life.