Frank Mancini
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Italian American


August 28, 1990

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Anthony Moretti (cousin)

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Frank -Franky- Mancini, is Los Santos Italian-American mobster, been involved to this background for a time now. Known for his low-key attitude and great bartender skills.

Frank was born in Glen Park, Los Santos to Adolfo Mancini and Yolanda Mancini. His parents were first generation immigrants from Bari, Italy. At the time Frank's family immigrated to USA his mother was still pregnant, in fourth month, so eventually five months later he was born. They spent few years living together with Frank's mother's sister, Anthony's mother. Moretti family already was living in States for some time now. Frank graduated from Public School in Glen Park, Los Santos, afterwards attended High School but at the age of 17 dropped out to pursue a career as bartender.

Frank could blame Anthony Moretti for involving him to this background. Eventually at the age of 21 Frank quit bartending and went to earning money on the streets. At beginning he collaborated with his cousin. Later that year Frank had met few Mafia man, including Robert Cipriano and Nicholas Luzzini. Everything occurred at Glen Park, Frank devoted his precious time to give a handful help to Robert - taking the post behind the bar over his supervision, as he is a former bartender, possessing great skills of this position. Thereafter more jobs came straight at Frank which enforced him to again leave the spot behind the bar. It was clear as a bell that at this point Frank was weak, inexpert, basically in all ways, being new to how the crime is actually done without traces. Gaining the knowledge of his, he and Moretti managed to run a pawn shop at Glen Park district. 'Business is all about profit' he was told too many times. That was his inspiration for opening the pawn shop, so eventually he convinced Moretti to ride with him with this idea, which later on appeared not to be one of the successful inputs of cash, big regrets were depressing Frank. Witnessing how the business isn't proceeding so well, Frank slowly led himself out of it. At the near beginning of summer 2013 atmosphere internally begin to go different. Frank realized he's left alone, abandoned, as strange as it can be there was no one left around. He had to think of different way how to survive over this period, until new fortune comes to him. He spent his time slacking off.

The time of big changes arrived.

To be continued...