Demain Williams
Biographical information



5th July, 1993
Jefferson, Los Santos, San Andreas.

Physical description

African American


176 cm

Hair color


Eye color

Dark Brown

Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Lacy Williams (mother)

Miscellaneous information


Demain Williams is 20 year old African - American thug, who recently was released from prison on probation. Currently he always seen hanging out in Jefferson area.

Early LifeEdit

Demain was raised by his single mother Lacy Williams. It is unknown who's real Demain's father so he got his mother's surname. Since the age of 14 Demain started to hang out with bad crowd. Along with his same age buddies he started to sell weed around Jefferson area and before his arrest, he was dropped out of school for bad behavior and nonattendance.

A Crime with ConsequenceEdit

Demain was dropped out of school at his last year of high school. After the drop out, his mother kicked him out in streets. Fortunately he had his old buddies to help him out. Demain started doing home invasions. These numerous jobs helped Demain to rent an apartment and pay taxes. In the beginning of 2011 he was caught by police selling stolen items. Since Demain didn't betray his partners, he was sentenced 5 years for possession of illegal goods. In a luck for him, he was released only after two years on probation for good behavior.

On the Streets againEdit

Being in freedom again, Demain didn't change much. Much more, he started to be more violent and ruthless. It is rumored that Demain was raped in prison and that accident put him in deep depression. On current day, he once again, currently hanging out in Jefferson area. This time without his old buddies and family.