Organizational information
Also known as

Ace Street Rifa

Led by

Kasper "Nova" Hernandez


Sureño street gang.




El Corona/Idlewood


Arms dealing
Drug dealing
Drug cultivation
Vehicle dismantlement

Chronological and political information
Preceded By

Cabrera "Mendo" Mendez/Serge Coronado/Yordan Garcia Lopez

Suceeded By

None defined.


Unknown (estimated at late 90's)

The Boulevard Rifa 13 is an Sureño street gang currently occupying the El Corona area and certain corners of Idlewood as turf and representing blue as their primary identifying gang colour.

The gang was a source of violence and bloodshed during late 2012 with the several wars with the Idlewood Townies and several LSPD operations to hinder it's drug dealing operation which lead to the death of Cabrera "Mendo" Mendez and lead to a short period of power struggles amongst the gang.

As of early 2013, Kasper "Nova" Hernandez and his supporters gained control of the gang and brought it into an era of stability.