Avon Wyatt
Biographical information



United States of America.


25th August, 1995.

Physical description




Hair color

Dreadlocks, black.

Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Taquisha Miller (Mother)

Miscellaneous information
Owned vehicles


Avon Wyatt is an 17 years old afro-american, who's living in the Idlewood neighborhood with his mother.

Avon and his mother have been living together in Idlewood Motel for a few years now. His father was arrested when Avon was ten, for life sentense without a parole. Since his mother was left all alone with a kid on the side, she had to think about, how to get money. She started to work for a company, since she didn't had any education she was only a charwoman. She didn't earned much, but was able to pay the rent for the small apartament and food. As the years passes Avon started to get on the streets more, since school wasn't for him. He knew that he could get money if he would be rapper on a sportist, but he wasn't good at both and it didn't lead him anywhere.

Avon lately has been seen together with his school mate Ton. It's known that both of the friends are skipping school. Both of them are now hanging more around Idlewood projects, with Oz ' and Dabs. Some people might think that they are connect with The Ferguson Avenue Crew.

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