Anthony Moretti in his mug shot.

Anthony "Tony" Moretti is a 30 years old Italian-American mobster who is accompanying his days in the Los Santos affluent neighborhood Glen Park district.

Early LifeEdit

Moretti was born in Los Santos and has spent most of his life in the Little Italy terrain. Anthony grew up in the atmosphere of organized crime. He never thought that he'd become a something. His father was affiliated with the illegal side of life, mostly has been involved in Illegal occasions.

Growing UpEdit

Living within the core center of Los Santos, where the presence of mob crimes were at peek; Anthony was forced witness and live by a series of crimes within the district, ranging from murders to occasional alleyways skirmishes for payments. Although these crimes continued, the local residents had a refusal to report any of these crimes; even Anthony was raised under this common rule and never bothered with these crimes. Glen Park was under a tight control from the local mob, allowing them to continue with their illegal actions without the worry of consequences.

Frank ManciniEdit