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13th, April, 1990 (Age: 23)

Physical description




Hair color

Naturally: Frizzy dark Brown Currently: Bleached blonde

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Familial and political information
Known family

Mark Cooper (Father)
Charlotte Suzanne Macey (Mother)


Jidosha Kansha automotive showcase

Miscellaneous information

Jidosha Kansha - Blogger SANN - Freelance writer

Owned vehicles

1991 Honda Civic EF Sedan Drift Missile Nissan Silvia S13/Onevia


Amanda Cooper, born in downtown Los Santos, moved to Osaka, Japan for a brief stint untill the age of 11 at when she and her parents re-joined the quieter life in Jefferson, Los Santos.
A 24 year old with a passion for all that is vehicular, particularily Japaneese car culture and JDM  engineering.
Hachi-Roku's, AE86's, KP61's, B16B, EF Sedans, EP82, Glanza V's, AE111's, the list goes on.
A passion that may stem from her early childhood in Osaka, yet she has very little memories of living there and yearns to visit some day.

Scraping her way through highschool, education was not a priority to Amanda. Her sights were set on simply getting on the road, her heart craved for late nights in car parks or early mornings on mountain roads.
Secretly dropping out of her second year of her social care course, Amanda is still doing her best to keep it from her parents who expect greatness.
In there eyes, Amanda is a brightly shining star, whereas in actual fact, a flickering bulb would be more appropriate.

Following the twitter, facebook and myspace age Amanda is set on creating and developing her own automotive blog and bring and solely create a whole subculture of car enthused friends. Technology savvy she is not but in todays age it's not overly necesery to have years of experience on HTML or Java as sites such as Blogger or Blogspot practically do the work for you.